About Us

The Yacht Club de la Martinique (YCM) are the organisers of the 2019 edition of the race. With a history of boating and a major player in the development of sailing in Martinique since 1935, the YCM was the first organiser of the “Tour de Martinique” in its old format until the late nineties. Having returned in 2016, it now is jointly organising The Round Martinique Regatta in its new format with four other associations: Ven Dan Vwèl 972, Le Club Nautique Neptune (CNN), the Club Nautique de la Martinique (CNM) and Open The Barre (OTB).

President: Paul CONSTANTIN since 2018  

The association Ven Dan Vwèl 972 is behind the new naming “The Round Martinique Regatta” and the three-stage race format. It is responsible for promoting the race both regionally and internationally. The association is most involved in the event communications and logistics.

President: Claude GRANEL

The Club Nautique Neptune (CNN) has been an involved in the organisation of the race in all its formats and in The Round Martinique Regatta (RMR) latest organisation, since the late 90s. In the current form of the RMR, the CNN currently is most involved in the race management (the course, racing instructions and jury) and it also provides support with its volunteers.

President: Alex NESTORET


The Club Nautique du Marin and Open The Bar have been involved since there has been the 3 stage format, so this is their 4th event since 2015 as “we work as a team with the other clubs and associations to develop boating in Martinque” explains base Director, Albert Lapiquone and OTB President Lionel Baud.