The Round Martinique Regatta 2020: A tour of Martinique in Four Rounds

From Thursday the 13th to Sunday the 16th of February, Martinique will once again host the Round Martinique Regatta from marina of “L’Étang Z’abricot” in Fort de France. The new location for the official race village is well known and much loved by sailors and spectators who will be able to enjoy it as of Thursday.
The 21 participants registered in the 2020 edition of The Round Martinique Regatta will hoist their sails for 3 days of racing along the coast of the “island of flowers”. As of Thursday, participants will meet in the marina of “l’Étang Z’abricot” in Fort de France. The first day dedicated to welcoming the sailors, registration procedures, measurement checks and the essential skippers briefing and drinks party for the crews. The opening of the official village is an equally important moment as it allows spectators and sailors to meet and mingle. A moment of sharing before a part of the fleet sets off on Friday for the Round Martinique via the North.

The first round, called the Round Raid, will be THE main part of the race with a an 80 mile race between Fort de France and the Marin. This course will alternate phases of sailing upwind, downwind or reaching, on a calm sea protected by the coast or on the exposed Atlantic shores. For the other participants, the Round Rally will take them on a leg of about twenty miles between Fort de France and Le Marin.

On Friday evening, the stopover in Le Marin will present an opportunity to go over the day’s racing and share their experiences about the first day in an idyllic setting. The next day, on Saturday, all the competitors will head back to Fort de France and the marina of “l’Étang Z’abricot” for the Round Rock, a race around one of Martinique’s emblematic spots, the Rocher du Diamant. Finally, on Sunday, the Round Bay will bring to a close the 2020 edition of the race. A competition that each year is marked by events ashore for both the public and sailors. Whether it is in the marina of “l’Étang Z’abricot” or in the Marin, conviviality will be one of the key words. Lunch, evening cocktails… these moments of sharing are also one the ingredients of the success of the Round Martinique Regatta.

Rodolphe Sepho and his Diam24 preparations

A varied line-up

There will be surprises on this 2020 line-up, and not only the presence of the ‘Surprise’ class, which will be well represented with 6 boats entered. Three multihulls will be lined up as of Friday with Rodolphe Sepho’s Diam 24 trimaran “Rêve de large 2” straight from Guadeloupe. Also present will be the formidable IMX 40, a racing monohull very at ease offshore or in coastal regattas. Seven cruising yachts, a racing cruising one and four monohulls in the racing category will complete the line-up of the 2020 edition.


Thursday 13th of February 2020

8am to 6pm Measurement, checks and finalising registrations / Arrival of the boats in the marina
6pm Skippers meeting: Marina village of “l’Etang Z’abricot”
7pm Drinks and dinner for the crews of the Round Raid via the North
First warning signal: Round Raid via the North

10pm 1st start “SURPRISE” Category
Midnight 2nd start “RACING” Category
Friday 14th of February 2020

8am Breakfast in the marina
10am First warning signal: Round Rally via the South
2pm Finish in the Marin, Welcome drinks party for the racers on the beach of the Marin
Free evening (entertainment / restaurant on the beach) 
Saturday 15th of February 2020

8am Breakfast (beach of the Marin)
10am First warning signal : Round Rock 2pm: Finish in the “l’Etang Z’abricot” marina
2pm Open bar in the village
7pm “Bèt a fé” Carnival evening party in the Village of the “l’Etang Z’abricot” marina
Sunday 16th of February 2020

8am Breakfast in the “l’Etang Z’abricot” marina
10am First warning signal: Round Bay
2pm Finish in the “l’Etang Z’abricot” marina
2pm Picnic lunch in the marina village of “l’Etang Z’abricot”
6pm Prize-giving and closing cocktail evening